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Lockdown has seen me consume more coffee than ever, a feat I did not know was possible. I have really struggled adjusting to working from home and being stationed in front of a laptop all day instead of being on my feet and walking around a classroom. And this struggle has manifested in making, and drinking, copious cups of coffee. 

I mentioned in one of my Small Business Saturday posts that I had bought coffee from a local business and was loving their coffee. Following on from this, I now have a list on my phone of small coffee businesses I want to try out and support. One of these businesses is Sons of Amazon based in Clydebank. Then, as if it was meant to be… They featured on itison offering a bag of their ‘strongest coffee in the UK’ for half price. 

One of my lockdown purchases was a coffee grinder (which I am obsessed with). So, I purchased whole bean to keep my coffee as fresh as possible and just grind some up when I’m in need of a cup (or 6!)

Sons of Amazon is Rainforest Alliance Certified and ethically sourced. There are three different bags – whole bean, and two types of grind depending on how you are going to be using them which is super handy! They claim their coffee is roasted ‘to maximum caffeine levels’ and is ‘200% stronger than a cup of normal jar coffee’. Strong coffee is one of the loves of my life. I was intrigued and excited and couldn’t wait for my first taste of super strong delicious coffee. But… Did it deliver?


In short? No, it didn’t. So I’m assuming in terms of caffeine content, this coffee is strong. They wouldn’t say so if it wasn’t. But I wanted it to TASTE strong. And I just don’t think it does. I appreciate everyone has different caffeine tolerances and mine is admittedly pretty high but to me, this coffee just tastes like standard coffee. Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy a cup of Sons of Amazon but it usually retails for £16.99 plus p&p and although that is for a 500g bag, I think this is pretty steep for coffee that to me doesn’t taste of anything special. Like I said, I do enjoy a cup and if I could get it on offer again, I would repurchase but I can’t see myself parting with almost £20 for a bag. 

If you are looking for a great cup of coffee with a high caffeine content but it doesn’t taste super strong, then this coffee is for you. But, if you are a coffee aficionado hankering for a cup that tastes strong? Then I’d give it a miss… 

Let me know if you have any recommendations for a strong coffee please! I may very well have to do a whole post dedicated to coffee from small businesses.
Until next time,
Shona x


  1. First is my recommendation for the Queen Bean’s Galapagos Island. It is a full-bodied single origin of the depth and richness one would expect from such an exotic growing region. Secondly, the adjective strong is way to ambiguous a word to define any coffee. The Galapagos could be said to a strong cup of coffee, to some, because of its strong, full body. But it is not at all like the full and strongly winey Africans like a Kenya or Ethiopian. So, that comes down to customer preference which should be discerned with a few questions by anyone offering to sell you some of their coffee. Good luck. One more quick thing is to avoid and coffee with the cheaper robusta beans. They are much higher in caffeine than the Arabica beans used in most gourmet coffee. However, they can be said to make strong cup of coffee. All they ever did for me was give me the jitters….Good luck.


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