It has been a hot minute since I have produced any content surrounding beauty products and cosmetics. For some reason, lockdown has reignited my love for all things beauty (the logic behind this is non existent because no one is seeing my face with new beauty products but hey ho), so I wanted to do a wee ‘beauty update’ to chat about what’s changed since I last posted.

Beauty Update 2

For one, I cancelled my Kinder Beauty subscription. I really did love this subscription but I realised fairly quickly I get so much enjoyment from researching and choosing products that I didn’t want 5 chosen for me. Over the five months, only two of which I posted about, I was only really excited about 4 products… I love the Inika Organic loose mineral eyeshadow and I have noticed that Beauty Bay now carry some Inika Organic products which is exciting. Something else that contributed to me cancelling my subscription was the overwhelming use of US exclusive brands. I’d like a product, investigate purchasing more and come to find it was only sold in America. Fair enough, the beauty box does originate in America but I think this is something that should have been considered before offering the box to residents outside of the US. 

I did mention in a post in 2019 that I was aiming to transition to cruelty free cosmetics and this is something that is still important to me. I didn’t and still don’t, want to waste any products so anything I have (Hello massive MAC collection, I’m looking at you…) that is not cruelty free has not been ditched BUT since the beginning of 2019 I’ve not purchased any make up or skincare from a brand that isn’t cruelty free so that’s a win! It has however sent me on a search for a new go-to brand for lipstick because MAC was my all time favourite for nearly 10 years. This is a search that has been ramped up recently so keep your eyes peeled for posts about that… 

I have semi-streamlined my eye palette collection. At one point I had around 30 palettes and I now have about 18, I think. Surprisingly I got rid of some palettes I thought would be in my collection forever but palettes like the Tartelette Toasted just didn’t live up to the hype anymore so I waved them goodbye. 

Beauty Update

My hunt for the perfect BB cream… In Summer 2017, I posted about my favourite holiday cosmetics. Just before this post I had purchased The Body Shop All-in-One BB cream. This quickly became a firm favourite of mine and so typically, was discontinued (shame on you The Body Shop). I do not like their replacement and judging by the hundreds of poor reviews on their website, there are a lot of other people in the same boat. I’ve always wanted to find a replacement but truthfully have never looked that hard, until now. I think this will be another post all on its own. 

I think we’re all caught up… I have been buying and trying a lot of new products during lockdown so I’m thinking of doing a lockdown make-up haul. Oh, and I still have a huge love affair for bold lips.

Until next time,
Shona x

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