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I guarantee this is going to be a ramble. If you don’t want to read on that’s fine but know this before you go… Teacher or support assistant or parent or carer or grandparent or sibling or anyone else who has anything to do with homeschooling a small human, no matter how big or small your input, you are AMAZING. You are trying your hardest, you are working your butt off, you are dealing with whatever home life is throwing at you and still trying to do your best for that tiny human, or humans.

I can only apologise if anyone has made you feel that you’re not doing enough, that the little one you are responsible for will suffer or anything of the sort. Negativity needs shelved – period. Unfortunately, current circumstances seem to be bringing out the worst in some people. 

From a teacher point of view, it is tough pitching lessons appropriately and giving adequate written instructions without it being too wordy for pupils to read. I’m only in my first year of teaching and it breaks my heart that I can’t physically be in my classroom working with my class and seeing their faces light up when they finally ‘get it’. Or putting up a wall display showcasing incredible work (yes, I actually miss wall displays… Who’d have thought?!) I have a Primary 3 (Year 2) class right now. And I am so incredibly proud of every single one of them. I am uploading a chapter of a novel per day for them (thank you to the publishers out there who have relaxed copyright!) and I know from the feedback this is something the class enjoy. However, I also know it’s something not every teacher can do – whether that’s because their technology and other resources won’t allow, or it may be their confidence holding them back – and that is OKAY

Teachers, for the most part, are a great bunch. Very friendly and supportive and because of that resources are flying left, right and centre right now. Which is great but it can also be overwhelming. It’s easier than ever to see what people are doing with their class and compare yourself. But remember, comparison is the thief of joy (thanks Theodore Roosevelt for that wee nugget). It’s also important to remember that every single person has different home circumstances. Maybe you’re looking after wee ones, trying to help them with their learning and plan learning for your own class, maybe you live with someone in a vulnerable category and are providing a lot of care for them, maybe you don’t have an adequate work space and can’t get ‘in the zone’ sitting on the sofa but have no other option. Or maybe your home situation is different entirely and still totally valid. It’s also very hard not being able to pop to the classroom next door and get some clarity if you’re having a bad day, or walk to the staff room at break time for some great baking and a good laugh.

As I mentioned, I’m in my first year of teaching. Regardless, I miss my work friends. The school I work at is incredible. I have felt so welcome from day one and everyone I work with is friendly and super supportive. I could easily go on but I’ll probably get emotional. Bottom line is they have helped me through some tough times, school based and personal and I wouldn’t be half the teacher I currently am if it wasn’t for such an incredible staff team. A lot of them are also excellent at baking which improves break times… Ha!

So yeah… This is a ramble. But bottom line, whatever your input to online schooling, it is TOUGH. Be kind to yourself and remember you are doing your best and your best is amazing.

Until next time,
Shona x 

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