Tropic is a brand that on paper sounds utterly fantastic. But does the reality live up to this? I have been using Tropic for 6 weeks now, it was my intention to do a ‘first impressions’ but that did not materialise because I am lazy… So here we are, 6 weeks later I am going to do a first impressions and then a wee 6 week update/review.

I put in a hell of a Tropic order, two orders actually. Initially I ordered the Signature Hand Collection and the Skincare Discovery Set. The discovery kit contains travel sizes of the cleanser, toner, moisturiser, bamboo cloth, rainforest dew serum and I went for the (more expensive) option to get my hands on a mini Tamanu Balm. I tried the skincare discovery set for about 2 weeks before deciding to splurge on the full size products. My second order was for the Skincare Collection – build your own, Face Smooth Brightening Polish and a So Sleepy Pillow Mist. The Skincare Collection is good value for money: full size cleanser, toner, moisturiser, bamboo cloth, a face mask and two serums. I chose the Clear Skin blemish fighting mask, Pure Lagoon serum and Fruit Peel. When I ordered there was a deal on so I also got a mini Super Greens nutrient boost oil too. By the sounds of it, I have almost everything from Tropic, ha! Tropic do have a lot of products so you do need to do a bit of homework to decide which face mask/serums etc are right for your skin. For context, I have normal-oily skin. I do tend to have a product or two in my skin care regime to help with oiliness but in the past when I’ve used ranges like Tea Tree from The Body Shop, they’ve been far too drying because my skin isn’t super oily… I hope that makes sense! 

First impressions of using Tropic were great. I loved using the products. I think they smell very fresh and not chemically at all which is fab. The products were definitely a welcome addition to my skincare regime. I raved to everyone who would listen about tropic. I learned how to do time-lapse videos (I’m a technophobe oops) purely to video my new skincare routine and put it on insta… I was obsessed and thought it was the best thing ever. My skin did break out a little in the first two weeks but I was determined it was my skin having a ‘purge’ and all would be well soon.

So… how has that fared 6 weeks on from using Tropic for the first time? I am struggling at the moment if I’m honest. My skin is not good right now. I’m very lucky that I’ve never had super bad skin so what may seem like ‘nothing’ to most people, is a big deal to me. It’s tricky to determine if Tropic is to blame because we’re in such abnormal times at the moment due to lockdown. Chatting to friends I am wondering if subconscious stress, lack of vitamin D etc are having an impact on my skin. Certainly at the moment, I am not raving about Tropic as highly as I was in the beginning. If we were living under normal circumstances right now, I would be ending my love affair with Tropic but I feel I need to give it a second chance. For the next couple of weeks, I am planning to strip back my routine. Instead of applying different oils and serums which Tropic advise you to do, I am going to be a 3-step gal for the foreseeable. Cleanse, tone and moisturise. I will exfoliate and use the face mask 1-2 times a week. I am hopeful that stripping it back will be beneficial for my skin. Tropic can get a bit much using 6 different products on your skin before bed or whatever so, we shall see what happens. Regardless of my current feels, I am glad I’ve tried Tropic because it has been so hyped. I will update (maybe, unless I go MIA again) in a couple of weeks to see how my skin is coping with a stripped back Tropic Skincare routine… 

In terms of the signature hand collection, I hate to say it but I don’t think it’s worth the money. It would make excellent fancy guest soap and hand lotion but considering how quickly we are going through soap at the moment due to COVID-19, I’d rather stick to 99p stuff.

However, what I can be overwhelmingly positive about is the so sleepy pillow mist. I love love love this product. I am trying super hard not to become overly reliant on it but any time I’m struggling to sleep, or feeling a bit angsty – a spritz or two of the pillow mist and life is GOOD. I actually woke up to use the toilet in the middle of the night this week to see my mum up and about because she couldn’t sleep. I gave her the mist and she managed to get some sleep and has now asked me to order her her own one. We also both agree that although it’s lavender it’s not artificial or old-ladyish (that’s definitely not a word). It’s such a lovely smell. So yeah, this mist is one thing I can recommend to everyone.


Until next time,
Shona x

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