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Hello hello! If you read my last post, you’ll know I have recently read Train Happy by Tally Rye and it’s a book I feel I have to talk about it. I have never read anything like it, or really been exposed to those views before. ‘Train Happy’ is all about intuitive exercise and listening to your body. It’s a concept so many of us find scary but I feel the way it’s put forward by Tally makes so much sense and it really resonated with me. 


There are lots of books about intuitive eating but I feel exercise can be neglected. It was so refreshing to read a book telling me I didn’t have to go to the gym 6 days a week. Telling me I didn’t have to do burpees, or crunches, or planks if I didn’t want to. But equally, if that’s what I enjoy and it is what I want to do, then I can. It sounds really simple, and if you purely exercise and partake in physical activity for reasons outwith aesthetics and losing weight, then I salute you.

It was so nice to have a page dedicated to showcasing different types of exercise, again something that seems so simple but we do get bogged down and feel that we must have a gym membership even if we detest stepping into the building every week. There’s a couple of classes I used to go to even though I hated them. I’d book in, and the day of the class I would be filled with dread, the whole class I’d be wishing I wasn’t there… So why go? Well I can certainly say I will not be doing that in 2020, of course I’ll try classes to see if I like them, but if I don’t then I won’t be going back. Swimming is my favourite form of cardio but it doesn’t tend to be seen as ‘cool’, you rarely see celebs or influencers posting about their swim but who cares? Reading Train Happy has given me the confidence, and motivation to do what I enjoy. Especially when training with a buddy (thanks Becca!) I genuinely do enjoy going to the gym and doing one more rep than last session, or leg pressing heavier so I will be keeping my gym membership but I will definitely be spending time to find other ways of moving my body that I enjoy and will stick to. 

In this day and age, I feel like we’re all aware that physical activity has a plethora of benefits but I loved reading about all the benefits away from weight loss and aesthetics. This book has given me a new lease of life and going forward, if I’d rather have a nap than a gym sesh… That’s what I’m going to do! 

I can’t recommend Train Happy enough, it’s such a good read and for anyone battling with their health and fitness, you should definitely give it a read! And what’s more, at the end of the book is a 10 Week Train Happy guide, I can’t wait to get my teeth into some of the exercises. 

Let me know if you’ve read this, or if you plan to!

Until next time,
Shona x

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