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The older I get, and the more into health and fitness I get, I’ve realised some really toxic behaviour that I feel we need to leave in the last decade. Maybe it’s the people I follow, or did… I’m getting good at unfollowing people who I find are negative, or affect me in any undesirable way and I suggest you do the same.

I want to be clear here, when I say ‘diet’, I am literally just talking about everything we eat, but I will also mention specific eating plans designed to either improve your relationship with food, or help you achieve weight loss. You’re entitled to view eating plans however you want. 

I’ve made no secret that I follow Slimming World. There’s a post or two on the blog about it, and if you follow me on instagram you will see the number of foodie pictures I post with #slimmingworld. Personally, I think Slimming World works. It’s a way of eating that allows me to enjoy what I eat, and it’s fairly easy to fit in around other aspects of my life, work and socialising. That said, I know Slimming World is not for everyone and while I would suggest it to someone, I would never force it upon them and tell them they must follow Slimming World, or else!

There is so much information out and about these days, social media makes it so easy to read screeds and screeds about the latest health and fitness ideas. But this comes with a danger, so many people find themselves obsessed with the information they read. It’s never really questioned who is giving you health and fitness advice online. I am certainly guilty of this, trying a new workout or going out to buy a new ‘superfood’ because someone with a big online following has suggested it. What are their credentials? Do they have any qualifications? Or do they just feel they can spout off any nonsense because they’re ‘in the industry’. I’ve recently read Train Happy by Tally Rye and she mentioned that personal trainers, herself included are not actually qualified to hand out nutritional advice… So why do so many trainers do this? (Of course there will be trainers who are qualified in nutrition, but just like Tally has said a two day course is not the same as having a degree in nutrition and dietetics… Sorry folks!

Like with anything in life, you need to put yourself first, and do what works for you. I am fed up of food plans, slating other food plans. If calorie counting works for you, great! If Slimming World works for you, fab! If macro tracking is your thing, crack on. If it’s intuitive eating, ace! I think ultimately, we all want to be in good health and there’s already enough negativity around without people battling over which foods to consume and when. 

We shouldn’t feel threatened by what others are doing. Focus on yourself and build others up. To all those who feel the need to be nasty online, that is not contributing anything to your health and fitness goals, so just stop. Slating another way of eating does not make you physically stronger so why waste your time?

Let’s leave diet shaming in 2019 and make the 20s a time of good overall health and support!

Until next time,
Shona x

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