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This post is looong overdue so, apologies!

Well well well… We all knew it wouldn’t be long before I started writing about books again. This was a post I had to think about for a while and luckily, my friend had a great idea, thanks Beth! I wanted to write about my top Summer reads but when I thought about it, a lot of the books I read this Summer were… How do I say ‘trash’ nicely? 

So, instead of me trying to pick multiple books, this post is in collaboration with Beth and my mum. We’ve each chosen our top Summer read to showcase. And yes, I know it’s no longer Summer but it’s never too late to discover a good book. 


My Pick: Probably the Best Kiss in the World – Pernille Hughes

“This is definitely an easy-to-read chick lit and sometimes, that’s the perfect thing to read. I read this while on holiday and while it may not be a page-turning thriller, it is a fantastic light-hearted read. 

Jen is engaged to ‘boring’ Robert but a surprise encounter on her hen weekend in Copenhagen turns everything on its head. This book is all about taking chances and learning to follow your heart. This book would be a great read anytime of the year!”


Beth’s Pick: The Seven Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle – Stuart Turton

“The Seven Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle is the first novel released by Stuart Turton and having read this book, I will be first in line for any future releases from this author. From the very Instagram-able front cover to the intricate and well-planned story, I struggle to find any faults.

The story follows Aidan Bishop, as he inhabits the bodies of different men living the same day at Blackheath, a country manor, and it is his responsibility to find out who murdered Evelyn Hardcastle. Each character is fully realised and, whilst they might not be good people, they never fail to be interesting. The plot is so cleverly set out and each and every twist and turn (of which there are a lot) left me on the edge of my seat.  The writing is so intensely atmospheric, I really felt like I was living the same day along with Aidan whilst I was reading this book.

The beginning of the book contains a list of who each character is, which is probably for the best as there are a lot of characters, and it could be quite confusing if you lost focus for a chapter or two. I’d say it’s best to read this when you have a weekend you can devote to it. Overall, my advice would be to pick this book up and transport yourself to Blackheath to find out who killed Evelyn Hardcastle!”


My Mum’s Pick: A Spark of Light – Jodi Picoult

“Jodie Picoult never shies away from emotive subject matter and this is an excellent example. The plot evolves around a hostage crisis at an abortion clinic in Mississippi. It is the only such clinic in the state – remember this is modern day America and there are nine such states which only have one clinic! Staff and patients suffer daily abuse from anti-abortion activists. You have to a pay attention to the time at the beginning of each chapter to understand where you are in the chronology of the storyline as it is told backwards but it so cleverly unveils how each character came to be involved and the links between them. Many surprises along the way. Loved it.”

It’s obvious these three books are very different and I hope there is something for everyone in the post. Let me know what your favourite Summer read was!


Until next time, 

Shona x

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