Buongiorno! Ciao! 

I have recently returned from a trip to Rome, Italy. A city I discovered, and fell in love with, in 2016. It’s somewhere I had always wanted to visit (I mean, who didn’t after watching the Lizzie McGuire Movie?!) In 2016, I realised it was even more than I ever could have imagined. Reluctantly, after 5 days I returned back to dreary Scotland but left my heart in Rome and was determined to return. 


And, luckily for me, 3 years later after approximately 30 seconds discussing it with my mum… Rome was booked and I could not wait to fly back to the incredible city. I could ramble and waffle and chat and talk and blether about Rome, and Italy, all day but I don’t want to bore you so, I have put together a list of ‘must dos’ if you’re visiting the Italian capitale!

Fontana di Trevi 
The Trevi Fountain is another level of beauty. I don’t think there is a word in the English language to do it justice. It is my favourite place to go in Rome. Both of my travel companions (Ian and my mum), will tell you I went and just stood in awe of the Trevi Fountain at least once per day, usually twice on each trip to Rome. It really is beautiful. I love just being near the Trevi Fountain and soaking up the atmosphere and culture that surrounds it. 


The Colosseum is something else in Rome that is amazing. The architecture and the history that comes with it, is unlike any I’ve experienced anywhere else. The colosseum gets busy so each time I have been, I’ve booked tickets ahead of time which has given me a ‘skip the queue’ option. This is a little more expensive than traditional entry but for me, it’s worth it because the alternative is queuing for anything up to two hours or above… Not how I’d recommend spending time in such a beaut city. 


If I’m correct, Piaza just means square and there are heaps of them around Rome. There are more well known ones such as Piaza Navona, Piaza Venezia, and Piaza di Popolo but if you’re strolling through Roma, you’re bound to stumble across a piaza. Like almost everything in Rome, they’re incredible to be in. There will be a monument of sorts to admire and the atmosphere will be unreal. Although a little bit pricier than other bars/cafes, I do recommend you buying a drink and sitting somewhere to take in the piaza in all its glory. 


Wander and Get Lost
I think I’ve made it pretty clear how utterly stunning Rome is and one of my favourite things to do in the city is just to wander. Soak up the atmosphere and the culture. I love all the little side streets that make up the city and there’s always something different to discover. City breaks can be pretty full on so I do think it’s important to occasionally put the breaks on and just take it all in. 

Eat and Drink
Italy’s food is the best (in my opinion). Pizza, pasta, calzones, bruschetta, crepes, gelato… I recommend all of it. It’s great sitting somewhere with a pizza or gelato people watching. The food is not to be missed in the Italian capital. Likewise, the prosecco and wine, coffee, limoncello are also delicious! 


In a nutshell… Go to Rome and explore. A few days in Rome is not something you’ll forget. 

Until next time,
Shona x

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