Hello, it has been far too long! I haven’t blogged in about 8 months but truthfully, my heart hasn’t really been ‘in it’ since Summer 2018. However, for a while I’ve been contemplating a ‘relaunch’. I have missed blogging. This hasn’t just been an on the whim decision, I’ve been working on a new look and content for a couple of months before actually posting anything. So, hey! If you’ve missed me, I’m back and I can’t wait to reconnect with people.

Where have I been? I posted last Summer about going back to university to study to become a primary school teacher. It wasn’t actually as stressful or busy as I thought it would be but the year didn’t lend itself to being inspired to blog, unfortunately. Beyond uni; I’ve been working, and more importantly planning my trip to Orlando (and since being home from the states, I’ve been moping about and dreaming of going back…)


I feel like this past year has taught me a lot and I have grown up a bit. I will be blogging about topics I’ve not touched on before. What Shona Says will continue to be a lifestyle blog, I’ll write about pretty much everything and because of my new job, I will be throwing a bit of ‘teaching and education’ into the mix. Thinking about rebranding and writing new posts has been exciting over the past couple of months so I’m looking forward to getting back to it!

Until next time,

Shona x

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