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This post is very slightly different to usual ‘TBR List’ posts. I’m focusing on a few books that have been sitting on my shelves for far too long but I’ve never read. I’m not even entirely sure why this is the case. There are books I bought thinking ‘this will be my next read’, but for some of them this was years ago. I’m determined 2019 is the year I finally read them!


The Book Thief – Markus Zusak
I wasn’t aware of this book until the film came out in 2013. I really wanted to go and see it but just never got round to it. Then my boyfriend, Ian’s younger brother had to read the book for school and I remember seeing a copy of it on the stairs in their house. I had a read of the blurb, a flick through some of the pages and I was hooked. I ordered it straight away and was determined to read it as soon as it arrived. 5-6 years later and all the book has done is collect dust on my bookshelf, oops! It’s a topic I’m so interested in and I think I’ll love it, so many people have recommended it to me and it gets such a positive reception.

Gone Girl – Gillian Flynn
I bought this book before there was a film about it. I’m pretty sure I picked it up in 2012 along with The Fault in Our Stars… Slightly different reads, I know. I was so intrigued by this thriller when I first bought it, my mum read it pretty soon after I bought it and highly recommended it. Then the film came out and more people read the book, all of whom have told me I should read it and that I would enjoy it so, I really don’t know why 7 years later, I still haven’t?

The Cuckoo’s Calling – Robert Galbraith
I picked this book up because of my love for JK Rowling and Harry Potter. I knew it wasn’t going to be anything like Harry Potter but I was still keen to read it. Who doesn’t love some crime fiction? This is a book I actually did start to read last Summer but I only got about 3 chapters in before putting it down and I’m not sure why. It did grab me, I wanted to keep reading and find out what was going to happen, but something stopped me and I’m not sure why. I’ve heard mixed reviews for this one, which actually makes me want to read it more so I can make up my own mind.

The Rose Petal Beach – Dorothy Koomson
This is a book I added to my Goodreads TBR list in 2016. I first read a Dorothy Koomson in 2015 and I’ve read so many since then. This is a book I have on my kindle and again, I don’t have a reason that I haven’t read it. I think I keep thinking this would be the ‘perfect Summer read’ but then I forget about it and spend my Summer reading other titles.

Although 2019 is shaping up to a busy year, I do hope that this will be the year I finally read these books. If I wasn’t interested they’d have been shipped off to the charity shop by now so clearly, I do want to read them!

Please let me know if you’ve read any of these and motivate me to get myself in check and pick them up!

-Shona x

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