2019 GOALS!

Happy 2019! It has been far too long… Life has truly taken over recently, mostly for all the right reasons luckily.

I did post in Summer about going back to uni and in August I started my one year postgraduate degree to become a teacher. It has been such a weird, rollercoaster few months. If I’m honest, I have not enjoyed uni… I’ve met great friends and yes I enjoy a three and a half day week but I find a lot of the content irrelevant and dull. However, being on placement has been the best experience ever! I have been so incredibly blessed with my placement school and the staff. It has been fantastic and fully cemented that teaching is what I am meant to do. It’s the most passionate I have been about anything and I cannot wait until August to be fully qualified and have my own class to work with all day, everyday! At the end of the course, I want to do a big post with all the pros and cons of the year, the things I’ve loved, not loved, any tips I have for surviving the year etc so keep your eyes peeled!

Anyway… As the title suggests: this post is supposed to be focusing on my goals for 2019! Potentially a bit late but hey, at least it’s still January.


I really want to save money this year… This is a pretty constant goal I have but it never seems to actually work. This year though, I have Orlando to look forward to and beyond that I will FINALLY be on a full-time salary and I can’t wait. After Orlando, the next big thing I want to save for is a HOUSE!! And evidently… They are not cheap so, need to get my saving hat on. Any good budgeting/saving tips… Send them my way!

Enjoy My Last Few Months as a Student
As much as I moan, I do realise that I have a lot of free time as a student that I won’t when I’m a full-time teacher. I won’t have days off during the week, I won’t get random ‘reading’ weeks and I won’t have as little responsibility as I do now so… I know it may be stressful and busy but I am going to embrace these last few months and really try to enjoy the freedom!

Get Fit and Healthy
This really deserves a whole post on its own and that is something I have planned but yeah, I’ve had a rollercoaster few years in terms of health and fitness and I’m determined 2019 will be my year.

Continue to Read
I read a fair bit last year, more than the previous year. Even though this year is going to be super busy, I don’t want to let reading fall by the wayside. I lovelovelove reading and devouring new books so my plan is discover new ways to ensure I’m reading even though I’m busy. I’ve also pledged to not buy any new books during January… So far, it’s going well and I’m considering extending this to February too.

Transition to Cruelty Free Cosmetics
This is something I’ve been thinking about for a while. I’ve decided that I’m not going to bin anything I currently own that is not cruelty free but going forward, I’m going to try my hardest to only buy cruelty free and vegan products. I’m going to be doing some research into ethical beauty so please send me any posts you have about this!

I am very excited for a great 2019 and I have so many things to look forward to with so many amazing people. I hope you all have an amazing year and I can’t wait to reconnect with the blogosphere.

-Shona x

One thought on “2019 GOALS!

  1. Hi Shona! Got some Finance tips. Check out, it’s a great website about money and personal finance where you might find some useful tips. I’m also partial to the website because they published a piece I wrote, which is exciting!

    Other than that, a really good idea is to separate your pay check as soon as you get it. Figure out your necessary expenditure (rent and utilities, ideally it’ll be under 40% total) then split the rest into thirds, a third long-term savings a third short-term savings, and a third spending.

    This has given me an idea for a post!


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