This is a post I wasn’t expecting to write. Recently, after 9 years my GHDs gave up on me. They have been faithful and I always saw myself purchasing another pair when I needed to. However… I just did not have an extra £135 sitting about to buy a new thick pair to deal with my mane. So began my search for a replacement that wouldn’t break the bank. I messaged my friends and I’m pretty sure every single one of them replied saying ‘Oh, I use GHDs’… Not the most helpful! (No offence guys). On a whim I decided to check amazon because having a Prime account I knew the straighteners would arrive they day after I ordered them.


Up popped the Bestope Digital Straightener for £19.99… Now, being so cheap I did not have high hopes but checked the reviews anyway hoping that for £20 they would at least do me for a month until I could (hopefully) be reunited with my trusty GHDs! I was quite impressed with the reviews, most saying they bought these as a replacement or back up ‘just in case’ but were blown away by the quality. From what I gathered a lot of people started using these are their actual day-to-day straighteners and are determined to buy them again when the time comes for them to need to. Pay day arrived and I placed my order hoping the reviews were genuine and I hadn’t just parted with £20 for no reason.

The straighteners arrived and even the packaging was stunning and looked way more pricey than £20. The straighteners themselves are actually beautiful, they’re black and so sleek with such a nice LED display and easy to use buttons. So, a win on the aesthetic front but, do they work?

In short, YES. The quality of these straighteners is incredible. The first time I used them was after going swimming when my mane is even harder to get under control. They felt so nice smoothing through my hair and in no time at all my hair was straight, smooth and sleek! Minimal annoying flyaways, no frizz in sight and I no longer resembled a disgruntled lion.

Obviously, I can’t speak yet for the wear and tear of these. Maybe in a couple of weeks they’ll have packed in but I just don’t get that vibe. There’s something about them that just screams quality. For £20, even if they last me until Christmas I’ll be absolutely delighted!

I would highly recommended checking these out as a budget friendly alternative to GHDs, I can’t fault a single thing about them. You can also alter the temperature from 130 degrees to 230 and the user manual gives a guide as to which temperature is best for different hair types which I love!

I’d never heard of these before let me know in the comments if you have or hit me up if you try them out!

-Shona x

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