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I know I’m not the only person who adds heaps and heaps of restaurants to their list of places they ‘want to try’ and then end up somewhere for food they’ve been approximately 45375 times before. So when Beth suggested trying Topolabamba (I’m definitely going to spell this wrong at some point so for this, I apologise in advance!) as somewhere new for our mid week catch up I was super keen to finally try it!

Topolabamba is a Mexican restaurant that seems to serve tapas kind of food. We were seated really quickly and our waitress went through the menu and explained what things were and made some recommendations. Ever the budget seekers we’d seen online a set menu, or ‘Sabor Ligero’ for £14.50pp so ordered that. I was so happy we did because not only did the options on the set menu sound amazing but I don’t think I could have chosen just ‘two to four’ dishes to try.

For our £14.50 we got chicken tinga tacos, guacamole, black bean and corn tostada, chorizo taquitos, chipotle honey ribs, jalapeño poppers, smoked chicken and oaxacan quesadilla, AND churros with ice cream. Honestly, there was so much food. And I was not mad about it. Safe to say, our plates were clear. There wasn’t one thing on offer that we didn’t enjoy and before we’d even finished our food we were checking the menu to see what we’d have when, not if, we return… ha!


The drinks menu here was extensive and if money was no option we’d definitely have made our way through and consumed copious amounts of cocktails and, perhaps more importantly, tequila… I mean, it is a Mexican. That said, we behaved (who knew it was possible) and stuck to one margarita each. I ordered a fresh watermelon one and Beth fancied green apple. On their arrival, we decide we preferred the one we hadn’t actually ordered for ourselves so swapped. Next on my list to try is definitely a frozen margarita… How delicious does that sound?!

It was quite busy (a faaaab sign) but service was so speedy and our food arrived in no time at all. Everyone we spoke to was so friendly and attentive, you know those people that just seem totally high on life and just make you feel so welcome?


It was such a great experience and everything down to the décor and water jugs had been so well thought out with the theme. It was the perfect mid-week pick me up but I can’t wait to go back (not on a school night) for lots and lots of tequila.

If you’ve never been, you should 100% consider it for your next meal out to eat and drink far too much!

-Shona x

Photo Credit: Beth Trotter
instagram: @bethtrotter

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