What a week it has been. I am officially a GRADUATE. Graduation was one of the best days ever. It was so so special and I absolutely loved being surrounded by supportive friends and family. It was incredible to have (almost) everyone from the course come together for one last time in such a positive way to celebrate.

37188658_10217091689023681_1430225823259951104_nI understand everyone has their own reasons for going, or not going, to graduation but I would urge everyone to go to their graduation if they can. A day full of bubbles, cake, photos, food and happiness. It was amazing.



It’s days like these that I feel you really take a step back and appreciate how many people truly love and support you in every way they can. I am truly blessed for all my family members and friends and I know that without them, I would not have walked across the stage on Thursday graduating with a first-class honours degree in applied social sciences from RGU. A uni that I never thought I’d go to but I am so happy that I did. I am so thankful for everything RGU has given me and helped me achieved. The past four years have been full of fabulous memories, a lot of stress, life lessons, wonderful people including great lecturers, and lots of gin, sambuca, and prosecco!




It’s quite sad to be saying goodbye to the last four years but I can’t wait to get back to university in August to become a teacher.

Graduation was the best, it was definitely worth the expense and the stress!

-Shona x


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