Why hello there! It has been far too long. I haven’t posted in about 6 weeks and even that was just a one-time post. I haven’t really been blogging regularly since February. That said, I thought I’d ease myself back into the blogosphere with a little life update. I’m hopeful I’ll be posting more regularly again but in the next few months I know life is going to get hectic again so who knows…

Fourth year of uni was stressful, add to that two jobs, blogging, going to the gym, keeping up with friends and trying to sleep… Something was bound to fall by the wayside. I take my hat off to anyone that can keep up with regular blog posts while going to uni or working full-time, it’s not as easy and some people make it look.



Anyway… 10 days ago, I found out I passed my honours year and will be graduating next month. Not only that but after lots of stress and hard work, I’ll be graduating with a FIRST CLASS HONOURS degree in Applied Social Sciences. Side note: I legit ugly cried at work and had to be told to sit down because I was shaking so much when I opened these results. I felt physically sick with nerves the day I knew I was getting my results and I could not sleep the night before so not only was I over the moon but I was so relieved to have the results and it was like a huge weight had been lifted. Moral of the story? WORK HARD. By no means have I been lucky enough to achieve this without putting the effort in so I’m delighted it paid off.


The countdown is now on to graduation… I’m super excited but also convinced I’m going to fall on stage and make a fool of myself. I’ll keep you all updated on that one.

I am no longer self-employed

Being self-employed was hard. I knew it was going to be but I faced so many challenges in the year I would never have thought of and in the end, it was too much. I don’t think uni or the other job helped matters but I had to make the decision that was right for me and I feel a lot more relaxed and grounded nowadays.

I am working full-time

I lovelovelove my job. I’ve been a support worker for just under three years and currently I’m working full-time hours. It’s shift work and I don’t think ‘tired’ even covers how I feel but it’s so worth it.

I am going to Orlando!

Okay so… this is 13 months away. But, it’s something I’ve booked during my blogging break that I wanted to share. I will be doing a lot of research in the next year and looking for lots of Disney and Orlando related blogs!

I am going back to uni… Eeee!

I have always dreamed of being a teacher. I was accepted to do an undergrad teaching degree when I was 17 but after a lot of deliberation decided I was too young and was not ready to go to uni. Fast forward 5 years and I have been accepted to study the PGDE (Primary). I picked my undergrad with teaching in mind and I have studied a lot over the four years that I know will be relevant. I’ve also grown up a lot since I was 17 and have so much more life experience so I am determined to get into a classroom and be the best teacher I can be.

…I think that’s everything and I apologise for the rambly post. I am looking forward to posting more regularly and catching up with everyone else’s blogs and posts!

-Shona x

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