Tarte Cosmetics is one of my favourite brands. I usually love their products and I have so much from them… concealer, foundations, palettes and lip products. While it still annoys me I have to pay so much for shipping from their US, their products are worth it.

I’m sure by now we are all aware of the controversy surrounding this foundation and just to weigh in… No one was expecting this foundation so I do agree with everyone that they should have waited and released a more inclusive shade range. However, as a lover of shape tape concealer, I was excited by this release and was keen to get my hands on it.

Ordering a new shape tape for myself and a friend, I noticed I could add a sample of the new shape tape foundation in the matte formula for £1. So of course, I added it to my cart and eagerly awaited the arrival of my shape tape samples in five shades.

liz earle1

Side note: I love that you can choose good samples from tarte for £1, I’ve done it with quite a few products!

On to foundation… Do I love it? In short, no. I really wanted to. I use two tarte foundations regularly, Amazonian clay and rainforest of the sea water foundation so I really did have high hopes for this but it just didn’t do it for me, I’m afraid.

I did a wee shade match and opted for the shade light-medium neutral. I was heading out for the day so applied as normal including primer and translucent setting powder. I have oily-combination skin so usually go for a matte foundation but this was on another level. It has a doe-foot applicator and by the time I’d put foundation on every part of my face it was already drying and difficult to blend out. This foundation took work and let’s face it, I just can’t be bothered with that on a daily basis.

Being honest, looking at photos I do quite like the coverage but in person I just wasn’t a fan. The product really settled into lines, especially around my nose and the finish just wasn’t smooth. Don’t get my wrong, blemishes were definitely covered but overall, this foundation isn’t for me.

At £35 for 30ml and a lover of shape tape concealer, I expected so much more from this foundation so unfortunately, wouldn’t recommend it! Tarte’s Amazonian clay foundation is full coverage and 100x better in my opinion.

I am a firm believer in trying everything once so that said, I have the hydrating formula of shape tape on its way and I’m hoping for a more positive outcome. I will post my thoughts on it when I’ve tried it!

Have you tried either of the shape tape formulas? Let me know!

-Shona x

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