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FINALLY… Another blog post! And I’m talking food… again… *drools*

As we all know, Mother’s Day has just past and while I love seeing the flowers and chocolates and cosmetics gift sets in the shop, I tend to take my mum out somewhere to celebrate Mother’s Day. Upon recommendations from a few people, we decided to try Kirk View Café and Bistro in Aberdeen which to my knowledge, is relatively new.

This was not your ‘traditional’ afternoon tea but nonetheless, it was fab! Instead of the normal finger sandwiches, to start we had mini bruschetta. I can’t remember the exact kinds and the menu online seems to be a bit different from what we had. I think we had roasted peppers and beetroot hummus; sweet chilli chicken; bacon and spinach; and red onion and brie. I have to say, I found these more filling than finger sandwiches and while I love a traditional afternoon tea, it was nice to have something hot to start! The flavour combinations were great and I really enjoyed them all.


Our cake board followed and I was super impressed. There were quite a few different bits to taste and they were all delicious. There was a mini scone each; lemon drizzle cake; brownie; macaroons; shortbread; and sticky toffee cake. The presentation from both boards was very instagrammable so I was one happy blogger when they arrived!


The service was good but it was slow, I’d been warned about this and it wasn’t a huge issue because we were looking forward to a relaxing afternoon and had nothing to rush off to. Accompanying our afternoon tea, we enjoyed a nice glass of prosecco and unlimited pots of tea for the very competitive price of just £21.95pp.

Overall, I would definitely recommend Kirk View for afternoon tea. Having a peruse of their website, their lunch and evening meal menu also looks incredible so it’s definitely on my list to return! I perhaps wouldn’t recommend it if you’re in a hurry but if you have a good few hours to spare and are happy to just relax and enjoy the food, and your company, then Kirk View is such a good spot to go for a less than traditional Afternoon Tea!

Have you ever been? Let me know in the comments!

-Shona x


  1. I love a good afternoon tea, especially ones that are a bit more untraditional! I think slower service is brill for an afternoon tea as it gives you a bit longer to savour each thing on offer.

    Aimsy xoxo

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  2. I love the presentation of this afternoon tea! Think I will have to visit myself!

    p.s. i’m also based in Aberdeen, I moved here around 3 weeks ago! 😀


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