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You know those places you pass all the time and say to your friend ‘we really need to try this place!’, they agree but it never happens? The Craftsman Company Aberdeen has been one of those places, until Saturday. A spur of the moment decision to go for lunch saw my bestie, Beth, and I finally try this eatery.

Walking in, I got such a relaxed and artisanal vibe from the place. I don’t think I’ve ever been somewhere like it which I loved. We picked a table by the window and went to have a nosey at the menu. The menu was written on a blackboard behind the counter where you order. We both knew we wanted soup and a sandwich or a panini, something along those lines which helped narrow down our decision. The menu seems really broad, you can get porridge; pancakes; eggs; soups; sandwiches; lasagne; tapas; and they even have different cakes and pastries. The Craftsman Company caters for everyone. I also love that you can opt for a tea or coffee, or something a bit stronger. We all love a beer, gin or cocktail, right?

We both went for the soup and sandwich idea. The fillings were to die for and we ended up with goat’s cheese and beetroot, and ham, cheese and chutney alongside our cream of tomato soup. It was obvious how fresh and high quality the ingredients were, I’ve not had a lunch of that standard for a long time. Also, we both commented that it was great to receive soup at an edible temperature. I hate going to a restaurant and having to wait a good five minutes for soup to cool down, this bowl was perfect.

Photo Credit: Beth Trotter

You can tell from the above photo how much effort and detail goes into the presentation at The Craftsman, it was almost too pretty to eat… Almost.

The food was such good portion sizes that we definitely didn’t need soup and a sandwich but that didn’t stop me having something else. If you’ve read my blog for a while, you’ll know that I just cannot turn down a scone and a cup of tea and the scones looked delicious. I ordered a cherry scone with cream and jam and it was served warm… Major points here! The scone was practically the size of my head and it was so tasty. I’ve had one too many dry and tasteless scones in my time but this was not one of them. One of the first things I said to Beth was that I’d be treating my mum to a scone from here because they’re such good quality and she’ll really appreciate it.

Photo credit: Beth Trotter

Everything at The Craftsman Company was such good value for money. We also spotted that they offer three thirds of a pint so you can try more of their kinds because they have so many. This was a bit of a spur of the moment decision and unfortunately I wasn’t able to get that many pictures. I will definitely be heading back and Beth and I are keen to go again and try something different from their menu and probably (definitely) a gin or cocktail or six.

If you’re looking for somewhere a bit different to try in Aberdeen, this is it. I have nothing to criticise from yesterday’s lunch date and I am a huge complainer which shows how great it really was. The Craftsman Company have different events on sometimes which can be seen on their website and even welcome dogs, could it be anymore perfect?

Let me know if you’ve tried this place or if you’re now keen to!

-Shona x

Photo credit: Beth Trotter
instagram: @bethtrotter 


  1. I went here last night (Friday) for a couple drinks. There was really good live music playing from about 9pm. The Craftsman is such a good place for all times of the day!

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