Harry Potter


A couple of weeks ago, a Facebook ad popped up on my time line and I was instantly sucked in. I swear, I am every advertiser and marketer’s best friend… I just can’t say no to an attractive ad or offer. The ad was for a company called Loud Shop which I’d never heard of but it was advertising Harry Potter merch so my interest was instantly peaked.

I had a wee peruse on the site and was immediately drawn to the ‘swag boxes’ they had for sale. There are a few different types available but I checked out the Gryffindor one… Obviously. It was on sale so without too much deliberation, I popped it into my cart and checked out before I could talk myself out of the purchase.

The box is advertised to contain 3 t-shirts, a mug, an art print and other accessories. The sale price of the box was £22.31 so it was evident that it was good value for money. You’d easily pay £20 for a mug and a t-shirt alone! I was super impressed by the delivery, standard delivery is just £2 so I wasn’t expecting it to arrive for a good few days but I placed my order late Sunday night and the box arrived on the Wednesday!

I am so impressed with the quality of the products. In the box there are stickers, badges, a Gryffindor crest print, all of which I think are super cool but I’m not sure how/where I’m going to display them just yet. I do have a Gryffindor lanyard from the Harry Potter shop in Kings Cross station but I don’t know if I want to put pin holes in it… I do like the three t-shirts that were in the box but only one was actually Gryffindor related. I also received a Beauxbatons one and a khaki one with the Hogwarts crest. I’m so impressed with the artwork and detail on each top.

The final thing in my swag box and the thing I‘m probably most excited by is a mug. I have far too many mugs (is there such a thing?) and I’m constantly adding to my collection. I love the shape and size of the Gryffindor mug and the quality feels incredible.

I would highly recommend this box and judging by everything in it, I’m probably going to make more Loud Shop purchases. They have other Harry Potter swag boxes and ones not relating to Harry Potter. I think they’d make perfect gifts and I just can’t get over the price I paid for the number of items I received.


Have you ever bought anything from Loud Shop? Let me know!

-Shona x


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