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I posted at the beginning of the year what I want from 2018 but they were all longer term goals and while I’m determined to achieve them, I want to focus on things I can achieve in the short term too.

Keep up with the gym

I’ve been pretty good the last couple of weeks at going to the gym. You can read my post about getting back to it here. The past few days though, I’ve missed some sessions… Oops! I have had a lot going on with travelling for an interview and trying to get back into the swing of things with uni BUT really, I’m making excuses. I could have gone if I’d really wanted to. Even just in a couple of days, I do feel more lethargic and it’s easier for me to reach for unhealthier food choices so I’m determined to continue with a good gym-going routine. I’ve really been enjoying switching up work-outs and targeting different areas instead of focusing purely on cardio which is what I used to do.


Get into the next stone bracket

I’m still trying to lose weight. Trying being the most important word in that sentence. January hasn’t been as easy as I’d hoped. Everyone is all, ‘new year, new me!’ and feeling motivated but when you’ve overindulged during the festivities and still have Christmas goodies lying about, it’s just not that simple. That said, January could have been worse so I’m still proud of those little achievements.

Pre weight loss; at my lightest; and me currently

Draft a few thousand words of my dissertation

As I said above, I’m back to uni and the reality is beginning to hit that I actually have to write a dissertation. I love the topic I’ve picked and I’m enjoying collecting data but I really need to get words down. I have a schedule planned in my head and know that if I stick to it, I can be ahead of the game by the end of the month.

Continue to cut down on caffeine

Since the age of about 14, I’ve been relying on far too much coffee. At some points over the past 8 years, I’ve been having upwards of 10 cups a day and it’s not a great habit to be in. I looooove a coffee so it’s not realistic for me to cut it out completely but I’m trying harder to up my water intake and reach for herbal teas first instead of being dependent on caffeine to get through the day!


Take more time for myself

I’m going to be honest here: even going to uni; working two jobs; going to the gym; and catching up with friends, I do still have a fair bit of time to myself. The issue is I tend to spend a lot of this time lying in bed mindlessly scrolling through social media and all of a sudden an hour has run away from me and I have somewhere I need to be. I want to work on spending alone time effectively. Reading more, blogging more, researching great work outs, cooking healthy meals or even taking a bath. I feel these are all great self-care activities that will help me de-stress and feel even more positive.

Make more of an effort

This applies to everything. Uni, the gym, saving money, keeping in touch with friends and family, my appearance. How much better do you feel with a full face of make-up and shiny hair? I neglect my appearance for an extra few minutes in bed and then regret it when I’m sitting in uni or walk into work. Doing my make-up is something I enjoy so it’s something I want to do more often.


Have you set yourself any February goals? Let me know!

-Shona x

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