Blogmas 2017


Blogmas is nearly over so, I thought I’d give an insight into Christmas Day in my family. What will Monday look like for me? Every family has different traditions and I love hearing what other people are getting up to.

Christmas is slightly different for me this year. The past few years it’s just been my mum and dad, brother and myself. This year though, my auntie and uncle are up from London, my Granda has come down and Ian is (finally, after 4 years of separate Christmases) coming for Christmas dinner! So, it’s a full house and I can’t wait.

I am still a huge kid when it comes to Christmas so we are up fairly early. As the years have gone on, the time has been pushed back but we’re still up around 8am to go downstairs in our pjs with a cup of tea, ready to open our presents!

Christmas gets a bit ridiculous so it has got to the point where we tend to open presents simultaneously instead of one after the other to save time. Following the present opening, even for the dogs, it’s time for bacon and sausage butties… Yum.

After breakfast, for the past few years and tomorrow included, I’ll put on something comfy and head over to Ian’s Granda’s who stays near-by. More present exchange with Ian’s family and on Monday, after this, he’ll be coming home with me.

We usually have our Christmas dinner about 2.30pm, with champagne at 2… It sounds regimented but I promise it’s not right down to the second. So, between coming home from Ian’s Granda’s and this, I have time to glam up.

Christmas Dinner in my house is fairly traditional. We usually tuck into paté for starter or smoked salmon, sometimes both. Turkey will all the trimmings is of course on offer. Stuffing, brussel sprouts, carrots, parsnips, gravy, and of course… PIGS IN BLANKETS, I defy you to tell me they’re not the most important part of a Christmas Dinner. Dessert varies between cheesecakes, pavlovas and trifles this year it’s Baileys cheesecake, courtesy of Ian’s mum. Obviously, throughout the meal the wine is flowing and we’re getting into the Christmas crackers, bad jokes and wearing very high-fashion paper hats!

Following the main event, we have a pretty chilled evening. I usually change into something really comfy and take a nap (oops!), I’m sorry but all that food and alcohol, it’s necessary. I do like volunteering to walk the dogs right about now to help with the bloat. Into the evening we usually spend some time in the living room with a Christmas film and play some games… Hoopla, articulate, who knows what we’ll choose this year. Accompanied by more vino, clearly.

No judgement if you do but we rarely have an evening meal on Christmas Day but there will be nibbly bits or we’ll open a box of chocolates to keep us going (okay, it’s just greed because we’re definitely still full from our main meal…)

Everyone takes themselves off to bed when it suits, some earlier than others (mum, I’m looking at you). So, there you have it. Christmas Day in my family. Very family orientated but also a fairly chilled day.

I so look forward to reading any family traditions you guys are posting. How does my Christmas Day compare to yours?

-sHOHOHOna x

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