Blogmas 2017


There are always so many incredible smells around at this time of year so, while this may seem like a bit of an odd post, it’s one I was super keen to do.

The first smell I have to mention is gingerbread. Nothing screams Christmas quite like gingerbread does (ok, maybe cinnamon but I just don’t think it’s as popular!) Whether it’s actual gingerbread, gingerbread biscuits or candles, I just love it. It really signifies Christmas time to me.

The smell of a real Christmas tree. Every single year my family have had a real tree and the smell it gives out to the house is just perfect.

Peppermint. It’s great all year round but there’s something particularly great about it at Christmas. I think it’s all those candy canes!

Okay so, I’m quite biased when it comes to candles and can’t remember the last time I bought one that wasn’t from Yankee Candle. I wanted to feature a few of my favourite Yankee Candles for the festivities too.


Christmas Cookie. This candle is quite sweet and has a vague vanilla smell to it. Think: baking up a big batch of sweet buttery Christmas biscuits and then you have the smell. It may be too sweet for some people but if you’re not into cinnamon this is a great option.

Red Apple Wreath. While this does have a faint cinnamon scent, it’s fruitier than a lot of Christmas candles and a favourite of a lot of people I know. I also love that it’s red because it ties in nicely with Christmas.

The Perfect Tree. I stand by my statement that nothing will beat a real tree but this does come pretty close. It’s a new festive scent and I’m looking forward to it for years to come.


Has your favourite scent features? Let me know!

-sHOHOHOna x


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