Blogmas 2017


In recent years, I feel like the Real or Fake debate has got more attention. Artificial trees are gaining popularity with the number of people displaying artificial trees increasing yearly.


It’s no secret that artificial trees work out cheaper than buying a real tree each year, and there is also the convenience factor. A lot of artificial trees can be bought with lights instead of the hassle of untangling and positioning fairy lights once a year. Artificial trees are also much easier to handle and store. The majority of them can collapse to a fairly compact size and can be stored almost flat pack in a cupboard or an attic. One thing I so absolutely love about artificial trees is that you can put them up so much earlier. I’m definitely the kind of girl who’d have her tree up on the 1st December but do that with a real tree and it isn’t looking its best by the time Christmas Day arrives…

Real trees however, require a strong man (I don’t even care that I’m gender stereotyping… Have you ever tried to carry a real Christmas tree?!), a big enough car to transport it, a sturdy base so it doesn’t fall over, fairly constant attention so it has enough water and doesn’t die, and you need to sweep/vacuum around it regularly to get rid of all the fallen pine needles… Hassle, right? Wrong.

Each Christmas in my house, we have had a real Christmas tree and I personally think they are much better and nicer than artificial trees and I am going to tell you why.


To me, there’s a family element with a real Christmas tree. I always go with my mum and dad to pick one out and Christmas is all about family. I understand you can pick an artificial tree as a family, but this would only be once every few years.

The Smell

I don’t care what you say, you really can’t beat the smell of a real Christmas tree.

The Look and Feel

I know that in contemporary times, artificial trees have really upped their game and they’re not as thin and fake looking as they once were, but I still think real trees just look and feel nicer. We always go for quite a big, fuller looking tree and any time I’ve researched artificial ones they all seem to be quite tall and thin.

Decorating is SO Much Fun

I suppose this point goes hand-in-hand with my point about the look and feel of real trees, but I just think decorating a real tree is more fun. Your artificial tree is the same each year, you get to know it and I know a lot (not all) of people put the same decorations in the same place because it worked the previous year. No real tree is exactly the same and I find it fun figuring out where different decorations will look best on that particular tree.

They are all my personal reasons for loving a real Christmas tree, but I did find out some interesting things when putting this post together.

Real trees are better for the environment because they have a lower carbon footprint and can be turned into compost unlike artificial trees. They are better for the economy because buying a homegrown real tree, which I do, puts money straight back into the British economy.

Which do you prefer? A real tree or an artificial one? Let me know!

-sHOHOHOna x

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