Blogmas 2017


In true Blogmas style, my partner, Ian, and I have been making our way through the festive drinks menus of a few different coffee shops since mid-November to bring you this post! We’ve visited Costa, Starbucks, Caffé Nero, Millie’s Cookies, Marks and Spencer and McDonalds. I wanted to post this early enough in the month that you still had plenty of time to go out and try my (and Ian’s) recommendations for yourself so voila!

Billionaire’s Latte – Costa
A brand new drink for the festive period. Chocolate sauce, caramel sauce, coffee, whipped cream and pieces of biscuit. This is my favourite festive drink of 2017. It was the first one I had when Costa released their festive menu and from then, I knew it would be high up my list!

Fudge Hot Chocolate – Starbucks
Chocolate, fudge syrup, whipped cream and gold chocolate curls. This is de-licious. It is quite sweet so when having this, I opt for a small so I can actually finish it.

Honeycomb Latte – Costa
The honeycomb pieces on top of this one, make the whole drink for me. I love this and if you don’t have a super sweet tooth, like me, this is probably a better option than the Billionaire’s latte.

Gingerbread Hot Chocolate – Caffé Nero
I never go to Caffé Nero, it’s just not as convenient for me as Costa or Starbucks but I didn’t want to exclude them from my list so made a trip especially. I did also try the Clementine Latte which I was not a fan of but their Gingerbread Hot Chocolate was fab! Was it good enough to make me go back? Probably not, but if it’s your regular, I’d recommend this festive favourite!

Peppermint Mocha – Starbucks
So this isn’t strictly a ‘festive’ drink, I’ve been assured this is a year-round drink but it’s not on the Starbucks menus. A friend recommended I try it and I’m so glad she did! The peppermint flavour gives it a Christmassy feel so I can’t see me ordering this in the height of Summer but for over these few months, I will be having this again.

Salted Caramel Latte – Marks and Spencer
I have a bit of a thing for Marks and Spencer, I’m old before my time… No judgement, please! When I saw they’d released Christmas drinks, I made a trip to try them both. I wasn’t keen on the Orange Hot Chocolate but their Salted Caramel Latte was great! Not too sweet, not too strong and it was served with a Christmas tree shaped shortbread… Perfect! I also really like the M&S Christmas cups because they’re festive without being too over the top and in your face.

I dragged Ian with me everywhere when taste-testing for this post so he wanted his top picks featured too. He is not a coffee lover, so all his picks are hot chocolates.

Fudge Hot Chocolate – Starbucks
Black Forest Hot Chocolate – Costa
Gingerbread Hot Chocolate – Caffé Nero

Has your favourite Christmas drink featured? What you would you recommend?

-sHOHOHOna x


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