Blogmas 2017


I have to start this post by saying I really struggled to pick just a few films to feature. But, the post would be pretty long and pretty boring if I just listed every single Christmas film in existence. I truly believe cosying up with a blanket, hot chocolate and a Christmas film is one of the best ways to spend a cold December (or January-November!) day, so here are my top picks for doing just that!


In no way is the film going to win any awards for incredible plot or cinematography, but I just love this film. It centres on a primary school putting together a Nativity play, with a twist, to beat a rival school to the best newspaper review. Nativity! is such a feel good, fun film. You definitely find yourself bobbing along to the singing and I feel that’s what Christmas is all about: being joyful.


The Holiday

It was a difficult decision between this or Love Actually, I even posted a twitter poll in search of help but the final result was 50/50! I rewatched them both and finally picked The Holiday to feature. A bit of heartbreak, drama, romance and friendship all based around the holidays, it is a bit ‘chick-flicky’ but I’d still recommend it to anyone.


Obviously, this had to feature. Since its release in 2003 I feel like everyone has been obsessed. It’s even been turned into a musical and there are always so many products relating to Elf around Christmas time: mugs, wrapping paper, pyjamas… I imagine you have seen Elf but if you haven’t, it focuses on one of Santa’s Elves (Will Ferrell) who learns he’s not really an Elf at all and goes in search of his dad in New York. Buddy the Elf loves Christmas and is constantly spreading Christmas cheer, I defy anyone to not feel Christmassy after watching Elf.


The Santa Clause Trilogy

Am I cheating by including three films under one title? I can’t really choose between the three The Santa Clause films, I love them all for different reasons. They focus on a man who becomes Santa Clause and the issues he has to overcome whilst fulfilling his new role.

The Santa Clause

Miracle on 34th Street

This is my number one, all-time-favourite Christmas film. I’ve only seen the 1994 remake, but it was Mara Wilson and Richard Attenborough that really made the film for me when I first watched it. Featuring Santa Claus, department stores, children and families, I think this is the perfect Christmas film. It truly does feel magical and gives such a good message about the festive period but I don’t want to spoil it too much… You should just go and watch!

Miracle on 34th Street

I know there are lots more Christmas films and I do love a fair few more, even some of the dodgy ones on Christmas24 on Sky but for this post, I tried my best to narrow it down and pick my absolute go-to favourites.


Has your favourite Christmas film featured? Let me know any others you love that haven’t appeared on the post!

-sHOHOHOna x


  1. I’ve not seen any of these films. I do however like Love Actually, although I’ve only seen it once.

    In terms of Christmas films, I venture more towards the older classic films of Holiday Inn, White Christmas, various interpretations of A Christmas Carol, and then Disney’s animated Christmas specials – Mickey’s Once Upon A Christmas, Snowed in at the House of Mouse, Belle’s Enchanted Christmas etc.. I find that Disney and Christmas are a magical match made in heaven and it’s easy to snuggle up to them when I want to. Saying that though, I’m completely surprised I haven’t seen any of Santa Claus films considering they’re Disney!

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