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A few weekends ago I went for Afternoon Tea (again…) There were 6 of us there: families, neighbours and friends catching up. We decided to go somewhere local because there were a few of us going and it meant we could all have a drink without the hassle of thinking how to get home. One of the local pubs, The Neuk, had recently started doing Afternoon Tea. The Neuk is a cute little traditional pub in the older part of Portlethen, it does great pub food and has recently installed a gin bar… What’s not to love? I didn’t think it could get any better, but I was wrong.
Their Afternoon Tea was honestly incredible, I have to apologise because I really didn’t have high hopes, I was just looking forward to a good natter!
Let’s talk FOOD. It’s what we all care about, right? There was so much on offer, more than I’ve ever had at any other Afternoon Tea. I’m not exaggerating when I say there was about 6 different kinds of sandwiches: coronation chicken; ham; beef; cheese and chutney; tuna; cream cheese and cucumber… I can’t even remember them all. We also had a chicken skewer, a sausage roll, and a samosa each, lots of savoury options. Don’t get me wrong, I am all about the sweet stuff but it is nice to have more on offer than basic finger sandwiches.


Following this, I was super impressed when they took out the cake stands, yes. Stands, plural. There was a full-size fruit scone with cream and jam for everyone and then SEVEN different kinds of cakes and pastries. There was Victoria sponge, chocolate cake, macarons, ginger cake, meringues, strawberry tarts and another type of sponge with cream. I make the most of an afternoon tea so I did devour every single thing on offer and it was all delicious.

Accompanying the food we had unlimited tea and coffee and a glass of prosecco each included all for £16pp, incredible value! Of course we did order a drink or two more! The only negative I have to say about the whole afternoon was the football on in the background but the venue was so accommodating regarding sandwich fillings due to allergies and dislikes so I imagine if we’d bothered to ask for a channel change, it wouldn’t have been an issue. I really couldn’t recommend The Neuk as an afternoon tea location anymore. A cute and cosy interior, attentive and friendly staff and a huge offering of food. If you’re looking for a slightly more purse-friendly place to go, this is it!


Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem that The Neuk has a website but you can look them up on Facebook!
-Shona x


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