Last month I attended such a great wedding. But with weddings, comes the expense. A new dress, hair, make-up, accessories… The list goes on. I have to admit, getting my nails done was not high up my agenda. Browsing the blogosphere I came across this post from hannahessonx. Although the post is really positive, I was still very sceptical about buying false nails from Primark but for £1 I didn’t see any harm in trying them.

Since reading Hannah’s post, I have seen quite a few other people rave about these nails but are they really worth the hype? In short, my answer is yes! I couldn’t decide between colour and shape so I bought three sets and popped on one of each to see which I thought looked best. I opted for a squareletto shape in the shade Charcoal for the wedding.


I have quite sausage like fingers so I didn’t struggle too much finding sizes for my nails but I imagine if you have really petite hands, it may be a bit of an issue. Once I realised you actually need to cut the tip off the glue (oops), the application process was so simple and quick. In mere minutes my nails were genuinely transformed and I was so impressed at the outcome.

I got so many compliments on my nails from people at the wedding and even friends looking at photos were messaging to ask where I got my nails done. Looking really close up, you can tell they weren’t perfect but it wasn’t a huge issue. I mean, how often are people actually scrutinising your nails within a millimetre?


The nails I put on lasted really well, after a week the length was stressing me out and I picked them all off (sorry to any beauticians out there!) It was a challenge though, I think if I had a shorter length on they’d easily have lasted for another week, if not more. That said, although I hurt my own nails, the false ones came off fairly unscathed so I personally can’t see any issue with reusing the same set (I apologise if this is frowned upon in the beauty world…)

My main issue with the nails was the length but knowing that, I’d spend a bit more time filing them down next time so they were a more manageable length. Apart from that, I really have nothing negative to say about these nails and would definitely recommend them to anyone! Especially if you just have a one day event and don’t want to fork out upwards of £30 for a full set of properly manicured claws. At £1 per set, I will be using these again and they did stop me biting my own nails for a week.

In answer to my title, YES, these £1 nails really are worth the hype! Let me know if you’ve tried these.

-Shona x


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