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Going to the Eden Mill Distillery is something I had wanted to do for a good while but life gets in the way and it becomes easy to make excuses so I never got around to it. Luckily for me, a voucher popped up on itison and I decided at 50% off, it would be silly not to make the purchase.

Eden Mill distillery is about two hours from where I live so my friend and I decided to take the car and book a room for the night to extend our time away. This was great, however the distillery is so close to Leuchars train station that it would be easy enough to get there and back in the same day if that’s what you’d prefer.


The gin tour lasts about an hour, on arrival we were treated to an Eden Mill Original gin with pink grapefruit tonic. Not something I’d usually have considered but it was fab, definitely the kind of thing that made for an excellent first impression! The tour starts off with a bit of history about the company and location which was really interesting. You’re then taken around the distillery to see where everything exciting happens. I was so shocked at how small their stock area was, and super excited because there were boxes marked for Christmas even though it was only July! There were so many parts of the tour that were really fascinating. The company seems so small in comparison to how much they produce and there are still jobs done by hand which totally baffled me.

The end of the tour was definitely the best bit. GIN. There are three types of gin included but we also got to try a limited edition one which was great. It totally opened my eyes because I was very much a plain tonic and lemon kinda girl when it came to gin. With each gin we got to try there was something different to have it with.


Eden Mill Oak Gin – “a rich oak spice gin with notes of caramel, vanilla, and a touch of fudge”, with this we added ginger ale and a slice of orange. I can’t say this was my favourite. I did drink it (obviously!) but I wouldn’t ever choose it. We were warned it had an almost whisky taste and the flavours just weren’t for me!

Eden Mill Hop Gin – “Hops, a core ingredient of beer, meets our distillery’s gin and the result is a zesty citrus and apricot aroma”, we added normal tonic and chilli, yes chilli, to this. I was sceptical, I am not big into spice but this was weirdly tasty. The chilli gave just the right amount of kick and it is something I’d consider in the future!

Eden Mill Love Gin – “sweet vanilla and floral notes”. My absolute favourite. Berries and rose lemonade was added to this gin and it was just delicious. I truly believe many people who think they don’t like gin, actually just don’t like tonic so this would be perfect for a lot of people.


Obviously we had a nosey at the gift shop before leaving. I picked up some of the beer for my dad but my favourite purchase was the gift set I purchased… For myself. Treat yo’self and all that jazz! For £40 I got a bottle of Eden Mill Love Gin, two tulip glasses and a voucher for the tour which I will definitely be utilising! The set was such good value for money and I have certainly enjoyed a gin or two since returning.

If this is something you were contemplating or a friend ever invites you to go, you should! It was such a fab day and I know plenty of people keen to go so I know I’ll be back! I have to give a special shout out to the staff as well. Every single person there was so friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. Thanks for a great day out!

-Shona x

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