I’m a FOURTH year! It seems absolutely crazy to me that yesterday I had my first day of my fourth and final year for my undergraduate degree. It’s super cliché but it really does feel like just a few weeks ago I was a nervous first year hoping to make friends.

I have a love/hate relationship with being a uni student. There are times I absolutely love my course, geeking out and spending hours in the library but of course, like every student, I have days where I don’t want to go anywhere near campus or anything even remotely relating to uni. University isn’t for everyone but I really would recommend it. I have learned so much over the last three years and I’m sure my final year will be just the same. I’m not even just talking course content either. I have grown so much as a person and gained a lot of valuable life experience. I am definitely more organised and have much better time management than I did before coming to uni.


I wanted to share just a few words of wisdom about uni that have served me well.

WORK HARD. I’m not even going to apologise for sounding like a geek here. Uni is not all about party culture and missing lectures because of hangovers. I have worked hard every single year, I’ve had to. My hard work always pays off and I am so proud of myself for the results I’ve received each year. In third year, I lost count of the number of days I was up and in uni early to get work done. Especially with a 24 hour library, I would be in the building for 6am and get a good few hours of work done before even going to classes. Was I tired and stressed? Yes. Was it all worth it? Yes.

BE COMFY. I very rarely glam up to come to uni. Who cares if I have a full face of make-up on or not, it won’t help me focus. Do I want to be wearing uncomfy shoes I can’t walk in? Absolutely not. You’ll find me in flats, wearing leggings and hoodies. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with looking nice to go to uni, I just don’t have the drive to get up earlier than necessary…

Lecturers are your friends. You’re not spoon fed at uni like you are in school but lecturers certainly go over and above to help you out if you need them. If you show you’re enthusiastic about their subject and need help to understand a lecture or find references for coursework, they will give you what you need. I don’t love every lecturer I’ve ever come across (sorry!), but I can hand-on-heart say that any time I’ve emailed a query I’ve been given so much guidance and felt much happier. Don’t be afraid to reach out and ask for help.

The library is underrated. I completely use and abuse the library at uni. There are always piles of books in my room for uni because extra reading is great for your degree.

Hydrate. If I don’t drink enough water, I get such a sore head and struggle to concentrate so there’s always a water bottle in my bag.

CAFFEINATE. Buy yourself a thermal mug and take your own tea/coffee to class. I love nothing more than a shop bought coffee but it’s not great for my bank balance. Beanies coffee sachets and one of my trusty thermal mugs can always be found in my bag at uni …I’m not saying I never buy coffee at uni but this tip does minimise the number I buy!

Buy yourself an academic diary. It’s so handy having a diary that runs from August-July. As soon as your classes start you can pop in relevant dates for the whole year instead of having to wait for a new diary in December or January. This definitely helps keep me organised and on track.

Enjoy it! Uni can be super stressful, I won’t deny that, but it’s worth it. There’s no point being at uni if you hate every single minute of it though. I’m hoping to look back on my time at uni with some great memories, not full of hate and regret for four wasted years.


Like I said at the start, uni isn’t for everyone but I am really glad I chose to go. Let me know your uni experience!

-Shona x


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