This is my first, first impressions post. It’s not a ‘first impressions’ of a whole brand, I already know I LOVE Tarte Cosmetics but it’s first impressions of two of their eyeshadow palettes. One, I have been after for months and one, I bought on an absolute whim.


Tarteist PRO Amazonian Clay Palette was one I had my eyes on for ages, it was featured in my wish list post back in March that you can read here. The first time I saw it online I knew I had to have it. At £41, I thought it was a reasonable price for the product you’re getting but it was the customs charges that were putting me off. It was adding about £10 on to the price and I just couldn’t justify it. The week before my birthday I logged on to Tarte Cosmetics and had a 20% off code in my account, absolute bonus. To me, it was a sign. An early birthday treat and I was getting £8.20 off a palette I had wanted for months. It was a no brainer. I couldn’t resist a sneaky look at the rest of the site and it was love at first sight when I spotted the relatively new, limited-edition Dream Big eyeshadow palette. I didn’t ponder it because I’d probably have changed my mind so, added it to my bag right away and checked out.

Tarte Cosmetics’ shipping is surprisingly fast considering it comes from the US. Within about 10 days the beaut palettes arrived at my door. As soon as I opened the box I knew the purchases had been an amazing decision.

Both palettes have such gorgeous shades. As always, the shades are super pigmented and such a nice texture. Writing this, I haven’t actually used these on my eyes yet but just from swatching I can tell they’re going to be super blendable and great for creating different looks with.

The Dream Big palette is such a good size for travelling, it would be perfect for a weekend away.

The Tarteist Pro is smaller than I thought it was going to be but I actually think this is a good thing. I was expecting a huge palette but I believe the actual size makes it more travel friendly. My one complaint about this palette is the matte effect packaging. While it looks stunning, I can already tell it’s going to get dirty so easily.

I really only have good things to say about both palettes on first impressions. They’re definitely 10/10 and I would 100% recommend. I also love that each palette has a mirror, this always makes life so much easier! From experience Tarte Cosmetics products are such great quality and these definitely live up to that!

Have you tried these? Do you want to? Let me know! Please hit me up with any other Tarte recommendations!

-Shona x



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