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It was my birthday recently but unfortunately, due to work I wasn’t at home to celebrate. My friends and family more than made up for this before and after I went away though and my partner, Ian took me to Revoluciόn de Cuba to celebrate. I had heard great things about their cocktails but didn’t know anyone who had actually been for food. I have one word for it… WOW.



Every single thing on the menu sounded fabulous but we eventually opted for tapas, Monday-Saturday you get 3 tapas dishes for £14 and on a Sunday, they’re 2-4-1. It was a serious struggle choosing just 6 tapas between us, we could have ordered everything on offer. When the food arrived, I was actually giddy, it all looked amazing. We had: Iberico Ham Croquetas; Chicken Quesadilla; Pork Belly Skewers; Calamari; Patatas Bravas; Nachos del Sol; and we’d ordered a side of onion rings because neither of us can ever resist them.


As you can see, there was a huge amount of food. I have no complaints about any of it, everything was delicious and we cleared all seven plates… I’m not even sorry. I’d eat it all again right now if I could.

Our waitress recommended the churros for dessert and I need no convincing when it comes to all things sweet. In hindsight, we should have shared one portion because each plate came with eight churros. Eight. I have never been served so many in one portion, usually you get three or four… I can’t say I’m complaining though because they were in-cred-ible. They were served with a little pot of chocolate sauce and one of toffee/caramel (I’m actually not sure which but it was gorgeous!)



Drinks are a very important part of any birthday meal and I had to try a couple of the cocktails. My friend recommended the pineapple daiquiri so that was the first drink I ordered and it was lush. I also tried the strawberry daiquiri which reinforced my need to go back and make my way through the entire cocktail menu. I was envious of anyone walking past my table with a drink because they all looked great.


I absolutely loved everything about Revoluciόn de Cuba. The food and drink were fab, the staff were really friendly and attentive, the price was very reasonable; and overall, I just loved the whole vibe. For the couple of hours I was there, I genuinely felt so far away from Aberdeen, it was like being on holiday. I can’t wait to go back and would recommend this place to everyone. I’ve already told so many of my friends and family that we need to arrange a date to go so I will definitely be returning.


Quick PSA: The toilets have great lighting for taking selfies… Perfect place to start a girl’s night out.

Have you been? Do you fancy trying it? Let me know!

-Shona x

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