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I have recently returned from a fabulous week away in Cala Llonga, Ibiza. The post-holiday blues have well and truly kicked in so I thought, what’s better than to relive the week by writing about it and looking at all the stunning photos I took (I mean, flying back would be better but unfortunately, I don’t have a magic money tree). I’m pretty sure I said this in my post about Gran Canaria which you can read here but Aberdeen doesn’t have great flights. These are getting better and luckily for me, Ibiza is now on offer! The flight time is only about 3 hours which is another huge bonus because let’s face it, flights can be boring.

Cala Llonga is quite a small, quiet resort. I wouldn’t recommend it if you’re into lots of hustle and bustle, loud music and a huge range of bars and clubs but for a relaxing week in the sun, it’s perfect. I was in Ibiza with my family and we stayed in the Sirenis Resort. This was a great hotel: there were two buildings; two restaurants; multiple bars including an adult only area; snack bars; and five swimming pools. One was more like a paddling pool for little toots but it was fab for dipping your feet in if you got too hot. The view from the hotel was gorgeous. Like, breath-taking and I was not okay having to leave.


The food at the hotel was great. We were all-inclusive and believe me, I took full advantage of this. Unfortunately, I don’t have many foodie pics because all-inclusive also means: pile your plate as high as possible and try to get back to the table without dropping anything. It does not mean: put together an Instagram worthy plate of food. Breakfast, lunch and dinner were full of amazing foods. I did not go hungry. Breakfast included pancakes, churros, pastries, cheese, eggs, sausages, bacon, omelettes. I love all-inclusive because I’m always that bit more adventurous. I tried paella, lamb, squid, veal and lots of other foods that I would never order in a restaurant. Of course, there were also the drinks. Unlimited wine, cocktails and spirits… What more can a girl ask for? I have to say, some of the wine wasn’t the greatest but let’s face it, I still drank it. Slush puppies, milkshakes, iced coffees, water etc were all on offer too. Definitely something for everyone.


We did venture out a couple of nights. We were away over Father’s Day and my dad’s birthday so we had dinner at a lovely restaurant called Il Marchese. The restaurant overlooked the sea which was stunning. A couple of evenings we found ourselves in Papaya, a beach front cocktail bar that I would absolutely recommend. The first night we went it was to celebrate my exam results. (I found out on holiday that I passed 3rd year with DISTINCTION and I’m taking 2 As straight into 4th year; celebrations were necessary!) We enjoyed a bottle of bubbles, obviously. We also had some cocktails here another evening which were great. I would definitely be a regular at Papaya if it was closer.


As I mentioned, Cala Llonga is quite a quiet resort so we did venture out a few times. Transport is so easy in Ibiza, we used taxis, buses and ferries which were all fab. I could definitely get used to going about by boat. We went to Santa Eulalia which is bea-u-tiful. The views were absolutely gorgeous and we enjoyed beach side sangria and ice cream. There are a lot more shops here than in Cala Llonga so we did spend some time noseying about.

Another of our ventures was to Old Ibiza Town, again this place is stunning. My one complaint, too many cars! There were lots of very cute wee streets but they were packed with cars which kind of took away from the whole experience. I do however, understand that people do live in Ibiza so of course there are going to be cars. We had a lovely day here and had lunch in a lovely restaurant accompanied by more sangria. I mean, did you really even go somewhere Spanish if you didn’t take advantage of the sangria on offer?


I had an absolutely fabulous week in Ibiza. I would definitely return but I maybe would stay in a slightly busier place like Santa Eulalia. That said, if I was getting a relaxing week of sun at a decent price, I would definitely go back to the Sirenis Resort in Cala Llonga.


I’ve tried to keep this quite compact but if you have any questions, feel free to get in touch!

-Shona x

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