I am suffering with a major Pretty Little Liars hangover and this post is being fuelled by coffee. I’m a little sleep deprived running on about 4 hours because I stayed up and live streamed the finale so didn’t get to bed until after 3am UK time and then had to be up early. I know, I know this was silly but I have watched PLL from the beginning. Trying to find US links way before the show became popular in the UK and went onto Netflix to make for easy viewing. I had to know how the show was going to end after investing 7 years of my life into it.

image3 (8)

7 seasons. 160 episodes. A whole lot of twists, turns and tears, and we finally know. Do we have all the answers to every single question we had? No but we do know a lot more and I have to say, I loved the finale.



17 minutes in and we’re fooled into thinking Melissa Hastings is A.D, I was not having it. Then, 21 minutes in a mask is removed and you’re supposed to think Mona is A.D. Honestly, I would have been okay with this. It would have been so clever for her to be original A and the final culprit. It would have been full circle and a shocking betrayal because of how much Mona and the Liars’ relationship has changed since ‘unmAsked’, s2 e25. But the episode continues and in the 41st minute, all is revealed. I know there have been a lot of Twincer theories but I gasped out loud when we got to see Spencer’s twin: Alex Drake, A.D.

There is so much to the finale episode but I’m not going to go into everything because we’d be here all day. Yes, there are some issues with the big reveal but I do think it was so clever. For those of us that have read all 18 books, there are similarities which made me really happy. Of course, the finale was a bit farfetched and a lot happened but come on, it’s Pretty Little Liars. It would have been nice if we still had another episode or two so the ending wasn’t so rushed but the series can’t go on forever. I absolutely loved how much everyone came together and I have so much love for Mona after the finale.

Does this post even make sense? I tend to get excited and ramble when talking about PLL and like I said, I’m sleep deprived.

The negativity surrounding the episode is frustrating me, I appreciate everyone is entitled to their own opinion but I do think there are some people who just like to moan. There are some people who wouldn’t have been happy regardless of the outcome and I guarantee they wouldn’t have come up with a better finale.

I have shipped Ezria hard since day one and it melts my heart that they got their happy ending. I cried when Ezria was taken away from me in the books so I was over the moon that they, finally, get married!

image2 (14)

…After seven years, I loved the finale and was not disappointed. I’m so sad to have to say goodbye but rest assured I will watch and rewatch time and time again. I’d love to hear your thoughts on the finale!

-Shona x

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