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Before I started blogging, I considered myself an organised person… Now I’m not so sure. I had hoped this post would be written and scheduled before my holiday, then I wrote it on the plane and hoped to publish it on holiday but the wifi at my hotel had other ideas so here we are, better late than never!

As I was on holiday I wanted to do a wee post and share my travel essentials to try to help you guys with future holidays! Now, I am in no way a travel expert (I wish!) but I have been very fortunate to go on holiday at least once a year since I was two. It goes without saying my travel essentials as a two year-old would have been very different to what I’m currently writing about!
When I say ‘travel essentials’, I’m not talking about every single thing I’ve packed… That would take far too long because I am a serial over-packer! I’m just talking things to cram into your hand luggage to make your travel experience as comfortable as possible.
Something to Read
This is an absolute must for me. A self-confessed book-worm never goes far without reading material. I always have my kindle and usually a paperback too to keep me occupied. It’s surprising how quickly I can read when I’m on a flight with no internet to distract me. Keep your eyes peeled for a post-holiday post about the books I read when I was away.
Something to Eat & Drink 
I know airport security is a lot tighter than it was once but the first thing I buy when I’m in the departure lounge is a bottle of water. I usually buy a sandwich, crisps and something indulgent too regardless of flight time. Let’s face it, no matter how much you try to entertain yourself, flights can be boring and boredom for me, leads to eating for the sake of eating. I have to admit, this is something I am better at now. Once upon a time flights for me meant consuming multiple sharing sized bags of chocolate, now it’s maybe a single bar… Or two!
Something Warm
Is it just me or are flights always freezing?! I always travel in a hoody or cardigan so I can cosy up on the plane. Along with that, my travel attire can be summed up in one word: COMFY. No judgement here if you travel in skinny jeans and stilettos but that life is not for me.
Okay, perhaps not an essential. But like I said already, flights can be boring. I always make sure I have a few good films downloaded to keep me occupied. And hey! It’s good for writing blog posts which I discovered on my latest flight! I also always take a portable charger and the appropriate cables. I mean, I love Apple but let’s get real. My iPad is about 3 years and my iPhone is 2, that battery life is not great!
This is something my mum and I disagree on every single time I go away; ‘Why don’t you just put everything in your suitcase?’ I always have a wee stock of miniature toiletries. They change depending on the time of year and flight destination but I think they’re a must. I usually carry moisturiser; hand cream and hand sanitiser because I get a bit germaphobic being surrounded by so many people for so long, I am already obsessed with the Mango scented ones I picked up from The Body Shop for my trip; eye drops because my eyes are super sensitive as it is and the in flight AC does not help; lip balm; and wet wipes and tissues… You never know when these will come in handy! I don’t tend to wear make-up when I’m travelling out of pure laziness but if I am, I make sure my mascara and lipstick are easily located in my hand luggage too!
Passport/Money/Travel Documents
I feel this goes without saying but you never know…
Keep your eyes peeled for more holiday related posts, I had a fab week!
Please let me know your travel essentials if you think I’ve missed anything!
-Shona x

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