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Gran Canaria is bea-u-tiful! I had never been until last Summer and I am so glad I got the chance to go. (I actually ended up in the same accommodation twice last year, my time in June was so good that I went back in September!) Summer is just around the corner and although I have a fair few things to look forward to, I am a bit gutted I won’t be on this sunny island again. That said, I wanted to share this post to inspire other people’s holidays and share some of my favourite places if you happen to be going to Gran Canaria anytime soon.

Aberdeen is not the best city to live in when it comes to flights but luckily for me, there are direct flights to Gran Canaria! When we arrived in Gran Canaria we had (unknowingly) booked a private shuttle so got to our accommodation really quickly. It felt great to pull up at our apartment, the sun was shining, we could see the pool and we had been given a fab room! We stayed at the Bungalows Cordial Green Golf in Maspalomas. It baffles me that the official star-rating is only 2… Like, seriously?! The tripadvisor rating is 4 out of 5 and the ratings are above 8 out of 10 which I definitely agree with. Although they’re called bungalows, they’re on two levels. It’s like having your own wee house, which was lovely. You have your own terrace with a table and chairs, excellent for having meals (and drinks!) in the sun. The apartments have a lounge area, kitchen, bedroom and bathroom. It was fab for a chilled week away. There were two pools in the complex, both with plenty of sunbeds, perfect for chilling in the sun all day with no worries.

I have so many highlights of Gran Canaria so I’m going to share a few!


This was such a cute Italian eatery. The food, service and most importantly the wine were all great!

Café del Mar

This had such a cool vibe to it, it felt like a very exclusive bar to be in. Cocktails were great and I loved the décor! We were only about €7 for cocktails which I feel is very reasonable in such a nice place!

IMG_1257 (2)

Restaurant Casa Paco

CANARIAN POTATOES. I have never tasted something so amazing, I loved them and Casa Paco’s were incredible. All the guys that work there were great fun and provided really friendly service …You are gifted with a shot (I still don’t know what this is) with your bill and it’s very strong. This may be good, it may be bad… I’ll let you decide!


Amazing tapas! We took a day trip to a Puerto de Mogán and by recommendation had tapas for lunch at Mogs. The owner was full of recommendations and ensuring we were having a great time. The tapas was the best I’ve had and the sangria was fab! The location is also a huge bonus! It looks right over the beach and sea.


Café de Colon

Unfortunately, we didn’t discover this until our last night in June but it was so good and I really want to go back! Again, incredible cocktails but the gin was on another level. There was 3 pages of different gins each with a different recommended mixer and accompaniment (I’m not convinced this is the right word). The gin glasses are like fish bowls and everything is taken over to the table and poured in front of you. If only there was somewhere like this closer to home! Any suggestions?

Moonlight Cinema

Your own sofa. Your own blanket. Table service with pizza, ice cream and cava. Watching a brand-new film under the stars… Everything about the moonlight cinema is incredible! I cannot recommend it enough. The pizzas are made fresh so you can pick your toppings, I’d suggest not having a meal beforehand so you can really enjoy this… It was so good. I went to the Moonlight Cinema in June and September and really want to go back. Nothing quite like it.



I struggle to talk about Maximilians because all I can say is WOW. Everything about maximilians is AMAZING. The food, the service, the location, the alcohol. Although this was the most expensive place I ate in Gran Canaria, I firmly believe it was with every single cent. I had 3 courses here because everything I ordered (and tried from my friend’s plate) was so good and I just wanted more. I actually can’t put into words how great Maximilians is.

Everything about Gran Canaria was fab! We found everything was really reasonably priced, I went self-catering both weeks and spent less than €300 per week, that includes all food and drink, trip to the cinema and I spent a lot on clothes, perfume and jewellery during the week. My one complaint is the annoying sellers that try to sell you ‘designer’ sunglasses and handbags at a ‘good price’, but this is something I’ve experienced every time I’ve been abroad regardless of the location.

no filter needed, it was stunning!

I will definitely be back! Already looking at deals for going in Summer 2018! I hope I’ve inspired some of you to consider it as a holiday location… Have you been? Let me know!

-Shona x

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