How ironic… My last blog post was about coping with stress, then I got totally overwhelmed by stress myself and couldn’t find the time, or motivation, to dedicate to my blog for the past month! This is something I won’t apologise for. I see so many bloggers constantly apologising or feeling guilty for taking a break from their blog and in my opinion, there is no need. We are all human. We all get busy and we all get stressed. Sometimes, things need to take a backseat so we can focus on work, uni, family, relationships… Whatever it may be. It doesn’t make anyone a bad person. It reinforces your humanness.

Saying that… It’s officially Summer for me! 3rd year of uni is over *insert celebratory emoji here* and I am so happy! This past semester has been a nightmare but luckily, it’s behind me now. The past month has been so busy and I’ve had so much to focus on with uni coursework and exams, and preparing for a new job (more to follow, eeek!) The Summer looks set to be a good one, and although not as busy as last year, I do have a fair few things coming up that I’m excited about.

Summer also means a lot more time to dedicate to my blog! I will be posting regularly and interacting with other bloggers a lot more often than I have in the past month and I’m looking forward to getting stuck in again!

Processed with VSCO with m5 preset
Dunnotar Castle on May Day; a stress releasing walk

-Shona x

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