We all get stressed at some point. Some people cope really well, others crack under the pressure. Due to looming uni deadlines and work commitments, I’m feeling pretty stressed out myself right now. I am by no means an expert on dealing with stress but I want to share some tips that seem to work for me.

Talk to someone

I don’t necessarily mean a professional. If I can rant to my mum, boyfriend or a friend and get things off my chest, I usually feel a lot better. It’s like a weight has been lifted, I’m no longer internalising my feelings of stress. I find it clears a lot of head space so I can refocus and start being productive again.

Have a cup of tea

To me, tea is therapy accompanied by a cup and saucer. I don’t find teas containing caffeine helpful when I’m stressed, not to mention this won’t help with your sleep. If you have a lot going on, it’s tempting to reach for a caffeine boost but this isn’t always beneficial. I always have caffeine free tea in the cupboard to calm me down. Sometimes it’s decaff English breakfast, other times it’s herbal or fruity. I remember texting a friend at 2am one morning complaining I was stressed and couldn’t sleep, she recommended I try camomile tea. Let me tell you, it works wonders for totally de-stressing and getting a better night’s sleep.

image2 (12)

Read a book

Okay, so, I know not everyone is into reading but it can be such a fab de-stressor. It feels so good to switch off from your own stress and get lost in someone else’s story.


Light a candle

Obviously this can be done at the same time as other things. You can buy special aromatherapy candles but I usually find that any fragrance I have lying about does the trick.

image1 (16)

Go for a walk

I know, I know… If you’re stressed the last thing you want to do is take time away from what you’re doing. Trust me though, all the science about exercising releasing endorphins and making you feel better is true! I love having dogs that act as a thera-pets that I can take for a walk.

image3 (7)

Get some sleep

Never underestimate the power of an early night. It can be so tempting to work late into the night to get things done but for a lot of people this just doesn’t work. You’re tired, your brain isn’t functioning properly and what you’re producing is not your best work. Put on your favourite pjs, crawl into bed, switch off and deal with things tomorrow when you’re well rested.

Let me know if you have any tips to de-stress! The closer deadlines get, the more I’m going to need. Hopefully I’ve given you some tips you’ve never tried before to get through the next few weeks!

-Shona x

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