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So, we all know I love afternoon tea, and we all know it was Mother’s Day on Sunday… This resulted in an afternoon tea treat for my wonderful mum courtesy of moi! Our destination on this occasion? Jessie’s Kitchen. This is located in Broughty Ferry which is about an hour’s drive from home but it was so worth it. We’d heard lots of good things about Jessie’s Kitchen from friends and their social media is so enticing. Every picture they upload of a sweet treat looks incredible and the selection they have available is unreal!

Jessie’s Kitchen always have sandwiches; paninis; soups; and baked goods on offer. Some of the flavour combinations sound delicious and it’s on my list to return (hopefully soon) for lunch! Everything about Jessie’s Kitchen is stunning, the exterior, the interior, the wee decorative touches. I love it! There’s nothing they’ve not thought of to make it a great visit.

Now for the good bit… Afternoon Tea. We were seated very quickly and asked for our tea or coffee preference. We were also given a menu to choose which type of sandwich we wanted. I liked this touch… A lot of afternoon teas don’t give you preference which can be good and you get a selection but at Jessie’s Kitchen we still got a decent number of sandwiches and we were guaranteed to like them all because we got to choose! My mum chose chilli salmon paté and I opted for roast chicken, bacon and applewood cheddar mayonnaise. We did do a swap and tasted each other’s and both were fab. We got four little triangles each and I probably could have eaten triple this of my chosen filling. One thing I do wish is that we got a choice of bread… The sandwiches came on white bread and although it was nice, both my mum and I prefer wholemeal or seeded loaves. Along with the sandwiches we were also given a sausage roll each which was so good. I could eat freshly made sausage rolls all day, every day. Such a shame that they’re really unhealthy…


Next, we moved on to our scones… YUM. It was just a plain scone, and I do wish we got more of a choice. I know they have plain and fruit scones daily and there’s always a ‘Scone of the Week’. The scone of the week when we were there was strawberry, prosecco & white chocolate and I would have LOVED the opportunity to try this. The plain scone was baked to perfection though which did soften the blow.

The selection of cakes we were given was on another level… If you have a look at Jessie’s Kitchen on social media, it won’t take you long to realise how amazing their cakes are on a daily basis. One thing I am thankful for? We didn’t get to choose the cakes we wanted. If we did get the choice, I’d probably still be there trying to make up my mind. So, what were we given? Hazelnut & cinnamon cake, florentine, chocolate orange brownie, coffee & walnut cake, and jammie cupcakes. The cakes were full size portions which I haven’t come across much at afternoon tea but I am NOT complaining. Mum and I halved each portion so we each got a taste of everything that was available. There was not one bad thing about any of the cakes. The flavours and textures were incredible. I have to admit… It was the closest we have ever come to being beaten by afternoon tea, luckily we were not.

The whole experience at Jessie’s Kitchen made for a very special Mother’s Day. The staff are an absolute asset to the company, so friendly and attentive. I really don’t know if I’ve ever come across a staff team like it before.

Another major selling point? The VALUE. For everything I have talked about and pictured, it was only £12 per person. I’d happily pay more than that for the service we were given… This resulted in tipping more than 20%!

I had the best day out for Mother’s Day at Jessie’s Kitchen and I know my wonderful mum did as well. We’ve recommended it to so many people already and will continue to do so. We will definitely be back. I really hope I’ve inspired you to try it out!

-Shona x

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