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You can probably tell just by looking at my blog that I love tea! I love (almost) all types of tea too… Sometimes I love nothing more than cosying up with a traditional cup of English Breakfast but if I’m stressed I reach for a soothing cup of Chamomile or if I’m bloated I brew a refreshing cup of Peppermint. I believe there is a cup (or pot) of tea for every occasion and I believe that teapigs have all bases covered.

teapigs_no_airs_no_graces_logo_largeTeapigs are a company that were established in 2006. Their focus was to get the nation drinking real tea. They use real quality tea: whole tea leaves; whole flowers; and whole berries. They do not scrimp on the flavour and this is just one of the reasons that I love teapigs.

If you have the time, I recommend using loose leaf tea and taking the time to brew a pot and enjoy it. I do however, understand that if you’re in a rush this can be more time consuming than simply throwing a teabag in a cup. This is another reason for my love of teapigs. You can buy each variety of tea in either loose leaf form or a tea temple (picture a fancy teabag). Their tea temples are biodegradable bags that allow loose leaf tea to brew properly so you’re not losing any flavour. All of the tea from teapigs can be purchased in different quantities. They sell tea temples in boxes of 2, 15, or 50 and loose leaf tea comes in either 50g or 100g bags. This is great for trying a new flavour of tea for the first time, buying a quirky flavour as a gift or bulk buying your favourite!

Teapigs are always eager to get people trying different kinds of tea and they make this really easy. There is an option on their website to create your own pick n’ mix sample box of tea. You can select 12 different types of tea and receive a box of two tea temples of each flavour. You’re paying less than 60p per tea temple and it’s a great way to try new flavours. I purchased this a while ago and was so glad I did. It helped me to discover new flavours that I fell in love with but also made me thankful I didn’t buy more than two tea temples of certain flavours (sorry!)

The teapigs website is great. I have to admit I spend a fair amount of time procrastinating by scrolling through their site. They have a mood-o-meter which is one of my favourite features! Select your mood and they will recommend the perfect tea. This has helped me on a number of occasions.

Just when you think you can’t love teapigs anymore you learn about their Ethical Scheme. They work with the Point Foundation based in Rwanda, where a lot of teapigs’ tea comes from. Teapigs support orphans and other young people in Rwanda. Donations are made to the foundation every time a customer purchases a box of Everyday Brew, they match customer donations made on their website and they regularly hold fundraising events.

You can purchase teapigs in some supermarkets and smaller tea stores but I’ve found that it’s usually the best value straight from their website. The delivery and customer service you’ll experience is second to none.


So I’ve talked a lot about the brand but which teas would I actually recommend? I have tried (and enjoyed) a lot of flavours from teapigs but I do have a few favourites! I highly recommend trying the Peppermint tea, Everyday Brew, Superfruit, and Chamomile. My recommendations are not limited to just these four but these are my favourites! There are some great flavours to try such as Chocolate and Mint, Rooibos Crème Caramel and Popcorn… YUM!

There are also some great gift ideas for a special someone (or yourself, I’m all about that self-care) so it’s worth having a look!

Have you tried teapigs? Have I convinced you to try?

-Shona x

4 thoughts on “TEAPIGS

  1. Hi Shona, I’m a tea lover myself and your blog post really made me so excited to try out Teapigs (if only they ship to Asia). Anyhow, I was intrigued by the Popcorn-flavored tea! Please do share your thoughts once you have tried them out. Thanks! 💕

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