Like a lot of girls, I am make-up obsessed. I don’t claim to be a make-up artist on any level but I do love playing about and trying new products. I dread to think how much money I’ve spent on cosmetics over the years. One of my favourite cosmetics brands is MAC, I rarely come across a MAC product I don’t like and I love the affordability of the brand. I live in a city with a free-standing MAC store which is great for me but not so great for my bank balance! The MAC product I first fell head over heels for was their lipsticks and now I very seldom buy or use any other brand. When MAC first came to Aberdeen there was huge hype and I wanted to see what all the fuss was about. My first MAC lipstick was Candy Yum Yum. It was a present from my auntie and from the first wear, I’ve never looked back. I currently own about 40 MAC lipsticks plus lip pencils, Vamplify glosses and a Retro-Matte Liquid Lipstick.


I tried to narrow down to my favourite five lipsticks but this proved difficult so here’s my top 10:

Kinda Sexy [Matte] – ‘Neutral Pinky-Rose’

I discovered this shade when everyone was jumping on the Velvet Teddy bandwagon. I went in-store to purchase Velvet Teddy but when waiting to be served I swatched a few shades and decided I actually preferred this one! I do now own Velvet Teddy but Kinda Sexy is my go-to for a light, natural nude.

Whirl [Matte] – ‘Dirty Rose’

This is my all-time favourite nude! You can probably tell from my list that I rate a bold lip so this is perfect. It’s a slightly darker and bolder nude but it’s not OTT.

Impassioned [Amplified Creme] – ‘Amped Up Fuchsia’

I always forget how much I LOVE Impassioned! My bestie wore it in holiday pics and I was obsessed, she looked incredible! It’s such a gorgeous pink. Said bestie bought it for me as a gift because she knew I was lusting after it. I do wish it lasted longer on the lip like the matte finishes but it’s such an amazing colour.

Candy Yum Yum [Matte] – ‘Neon Pink’

As mentioned above, this was my first MAC lipstick. I’ve been asked before why I picked such a daring shade for my first one and honestly? I have no idea. I was just drawn to it. This is a very bright pink but that has never put me off. My current one is nearing an end and I will defs be buying a replacement.

So Chaud [Matte] – ‘Intense Reddish-Orange’

I don’t have much to say about So Chaud. It’s just one of those shades I love and can’t put into words why. I wear it so often and although it’s orangey, it’s super wearable.

Relentlessly Red [Retro Matte] – ‘Bright Pinkish Coral’

This was my number-one-go-to lipstick for summer 2016. It’s such an incredible colour. It’s pinky, it’s corally, it’s got a little hint of red and best of all… it’s BRIGHT. I wore it all summer regardless of what I was wearing or what my plans were.

Red Rock [Matte] – ‘Classic Clean Red’

I’ve gone out on a bit of a whim here. I’ve only had this shade since mid-January and I’ve only worn it once but once was enough. My friend was snapchatting her MAC haul and snapchatted me telling me I HAD to buy Red Rock because it was ‘a Shona colour’, her words, not mine. Boy, was she right!

D for Danger [Matte]

For some reason the colour of D for Danger is not available on the UK site. The US describes it as a ‘Brick Red’ but I feel it’s deeper than this. Nonetheless it’s a firm favourite. Who doesn’t love a classic red lip? In my opinion, D for Danger is completely overlooked in favour of Ruby Woo or Russian Red, both great shades but D for Danger deserves some of that spotlight too.

Flat Out Fabulous [Retro Matte] – ‘Bright Plum’

If I’m not wearing a nude, pink or red… I’m probably wearing Flat Out Fabulous. Although this is a purple it’s surprisingly versatile! If you fancy a more daring shade but are still a little shy, this would be a great place to start.

Instigator [Matte] – ‘Deep Blackened Plum’

The darkest shade on my list! Sometimes a deep, vampy lip is just needed, isn’t it?

Without Flash, L-R: Whirl; Kinda Sexy; Impassioned; Candy Yum Yum; So Chaud; Relentlessly Red; Red Rock; D for Danger; Flat Out Fabulous; and Instigator
With Flash, L-R: Whirl; Kinda Sexy; Impassioned; Candy Yum Yum; So Chaud; Relentlessly Red; Red Rock; D for Danger; Flat Out Fabulous; and Instigator

I’ve not said much about the staying-power of these lipsticks. Anyone who has tried a MAC matte lip will know they’re super long-lasting! I do wish other finishes lasted as long but you can improve their longevity by applying a lip liner. Prep & Prime Lip is my holy grail product for using before applying a lipstick, especially if it’s a matte finish. It does exactly what you’d think, prepares and primes your lips so they’re lipstick ready!


All the colour descriptions are taken from – I don’t always think the colour descriptions match the shade when swatched which is something to be aware of. I always swatch in-store or look up swatches online before making a purchase.

Top Row, L-R: Flat Out Fabulous; Candy Yum Yum; Instigator; and Kinda Sexy, Bottom Row, L-R: Impassioned; Relentlessly Red; Red Rock; and Whirl (p.s: Yes, I love a selfie!)

Please let me know your favourite shades from MAC. I’m always looking to add to my collection, what would your recommendations be?


-Shona x

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